Know the Tuck delegation to Copenhagen

Tuck delegation to Copenhagen includes Prof. Anant Sundaram, Patricia Palmiotto Director of Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenhsip and eight second year students ( Adam DeRosier, Bennett Collier, Fank Madden, Itamar Goldminz, Karl A Reichstetter, Manoj Sahoo, Prashant Hegde, Stephen L Parks). The students come from diverse professional and personal backgrounds from around the world and are passionate about learning how climate change will have an impact on the way in which business will be conducted in the 21st century.

Professor Anant Sundaram is on the finance faculty at Tuck. His area of expertise are business valuation, M&A, corporate governance, and financial strategies for profitable growth. Recently, his interests have broadened to examining the financial impact of climate change on companies. He works with senior managers of companies on how their financial fundamentals and performance metrics drive market values and P/E ratios, and has led director forums on corporate governance. He has published widely in law, finance, and management journals, as well as in the popular press.

Link to Prof. Sundaram’s profile and work:

Pat Palmiotto , Director of the Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship, has worked in the fields of management consulting and education. She is coauthor of a chapter on training and development in Paving the Way for the 21st Century: The Human Factor in Higher Education Financial Management (NACUBO, 1993). Her professional interests lie in the power of individuals and groups to make a difference in communities. Palmiotto serves on the board of the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits. She has a master’s degree in human resource management from Antioch University and a masters of arts degree from Dartmouth College. Her thesis was on cross-cultural moral judgment.

Adam DeRosier is from Minneapolis, MN. He completed his undergraduate in International Business & Economics at The University of Minnesota  in 2003. During his summer internships, Adam worked for General Electric and Climate Change Capital. Before Tuck he worked in strategy consulting for 4 years. Adam has an active interest in public policy and is also pursuing a joint degree in Energy, Resources, and Environment at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

Bennett Collier is from Rochester, NY. He completed his undergraduate in Science from Clarkson University in 2002 and a graduate degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst in 2005. Bennett is interested in emerging clean technologies which will help abate the impact of climate change. During his summer internship he worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Frank Madden hails from Cambridge, MA. He studied Econmics at Harvard University and worked with a strategy consulting firm in energy domain. Frank has an active interest in wind energy and utilities.  For his summer internship Frank worked in a wind energy portfolio company.

Itamar Goldminz grew up in Haifa, Israel. He completed his undergraduate in Physics and Economics at Tel Aviv University. Over the last summer, Itamar worked at EnerNOC, a demand side management company, creating a business case for entering into a new market segment. Itamar has over seven years of experience in the ICT space in R&D and managerial positions. He is pursuing a career in the clean-tech space and by attending the COP15, he hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the policy and regulatory issues forthcoming, recognizing their important role in that business environment.

Karl A Reichstetter is from New York. He completed his undergraduate in History from Kenyon College in 2003. For his summer internship Karl worked at the Center for Resource Solutions working on renewable energy credit. He is very interested in working on solutions to help mitigate the impact of climate change.

Manoj Sahoo is from India. He majored in Chemical Engineering from The National Institute of Technology in Roukela. For his summer internship he worked in a cleantech portolio firm involved in commercializing the work of the 2005 Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry. Before joining Tuck Manoj worked for more than a decade in the energy and cleantech industry in India, Middle East and UK. Manoj’s active interests include cleantech investing, impact on valuation of companies and response of developing nations to mitigate climate change.

Prashant Hegde is from Muscat, Oman. He completed his undergrduate in Computer Science from The Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai in 2004. Prashant is interested in learning the impact of climate change on the retail industry and how this industry can mitigate risks from climate change. His summer internship was working at Microsoft in product management.

Steve Parks hails from CT and spent the last 6 years working and living in Perth, Australia  in the Natural Resources and Agriculture industries. Prior to this, Steve worked in Philadelphia trading and marketing fertilizer products internationally.  He is a 1999 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he studied  Diplomatic History (Int. Relations) .  For his summer internship Steve worked at Hess Corporation, a fully integrated and diversified oil and gas company. His area of interest includes impact of climate change on Oil and Gas and Natural Resources sectors.


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    Mark Collier said,

    To the Tuck Team,

    I applaud your initiative and persistance. Thank you for updating the blog regularly. The entire world is watching and reading the reports in the newspapers. Your first hand insight, comments and thoughts provide a meaningful perspective on an event, that no matter the outcome, will impact our fast changing world. Thank you all for sharing your experience.

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