On Our Way (by Manoj, Steve and Bennett)

Manoj, Steve and Bennett just met at Logan International Airport (Boston) for our flight to Copenhagen.  We met an official protester in the check-in line for our Icelandair flight.  We’ve also been reading the news reports about significant protests at the Bella Center.  According to the protesters, there were over 100,000 people marching on the Center.  The police version differs, with only 40,000 protesters attending.  We are anxious to see what it is going to be like on the ground.  This certainly sheds a different light to the story so far.  Perhaps naively, we expected a proactive environment where world governments would work to solve the climate change problem.  Our initial experience at the airport, plus what has been in the news, reflects a different undertone.  We are hopeful that the constructive process will prevail. 


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