COP15 Grade Card: LP (by Prashant)

I’m going to disagree with Pat on this – the climate deal at Copenhagen wasn’t meaningful (enough). While the COP15 established the Copenhagen Accord which “is operationally immediately”, the fact that the conference hasn’t triggered anything concrete for the near future is probably a good indication of its ineffectiveness.

Although the accord targets a temperature increase of less than 2°C, it failed to reach country specific emission targets, in addition to the accord being non-binding. The UNFCC now requires that all member countries submit their voluntary emission reduction targets by January 2010. According to a U.N. report, the current voluntary emission targets amount to a 3°C in temperature. I don’t see many countries offering drastic additional reductions in the next month, so the COP15 agreement to limit temperature increase to 2°C means very little. Between now and COP16 at Mexico City, some headway will be made towards reducing emission to target 2°C temperature increase, but an excellent opportunity to make concrete progress has been lost at Copenhagen. Also, the accord promises developing countries $100B a year by 2010, but does not mention which countries will contribute how much money to this cause.


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